Pierre-Stéphane Meugé

Bach Sax


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Two, three, four, or five saxophones, Bach’s fugues, one interpreter…
The contrapuntal writing of these works, mostly for the keyboard, lends itself outstandingly well to a redistribution of parts on various instruments, in this case the saxophone in different registers : baritone, tenor, alto, soprano, sopranino.
Each saxophone individualizes a line of polyphony and gives this album a unique and unified sound, interpretation, and color.


Autres informations

1 CHORAL “Hilf , Gott, daß mirs gelinge” BWV 343 (Leipzig 1545)
2 Sinfonia II in C moll (do mineur) BWV 788
3 Sinfonia IV in D moll (ré mineur) BWV 790
4 Sinfonia V in Es dur (mi b majeur) BWV 791
5 Sinfonia VII in E moll (mi mineur) BWV 793
6 Sinfonia IX in F moll (fa mineur) BWV 795
7 Sinfonia XI in G moll (sol mineur) BWV 797
8 CHORAL “Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein” BWV 77 (Erfurt, 1524)
9 Duetto I in E moll (mi mineur) BWV 802
10 Duetto II in F dur (fa majeur) BWV 803
11 Duetto III in G dur (sol majeur) BWV 804
12 Duetto IV in A moll (la mineur) BWV 805
13 CHORAL “Ach Gott, erhör mein Seufzen und Wehklagen” BWV 254 (Frankfurt, 1589)
14 Fuga VIII/1 a 3 voci in Es moll (mi b mineur) BWV 853
15 Präludium XXII/1 in B moll (si b mineur) BWV 867
16 Fuga XXII/1 a 5 voci in B moll (si b mineur) BWV 867 (
17 Fuga VII/2 a 4 voci in Es dur (mi b majeur) BWV 876
18 Fuga VIII/2 a 4 voci in Dis moll (ré # mineur) BWV 877
19 Präludium XXII/2 in B moll (si b mineur) BWV 891
20 Fuga XXII/2 a 4 voci in in B moll (si b mineur) BWV 891
21 CHORAL “Ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig sind der Menschen Sachen !” BWV 26

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